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Recommended cache-ing plugin using Bedrock?

I found some topics, but not actual recommendations and what people use nowadays with Bedrock.

I tried a few, and it seems there’s some issues, I’d say because of the custom folder structure at least.

For example, wp-fastest-cache throws Warnings about includes + fatal error call to a member function lazy_load() on null

Are there any plugins that are proved to work out-of-the-box, for at least basic cache functionality? Or do you have to hack your way and play with memcached and server settings etc. ?

Any tips appreciated.

I use WP Rocket and it works a dream. Got some tweaks but it works fine out of the box with no issues.

Was thinking about payed options yeah, would even give ~200€ if it was with updates forever. As it is you have to pay each year … :slight_smile: Thanks though.

If you can use CloudFlare as your DNS then it does a pretty good job and saves you using a plugin. I set caching expiry to 1 year.

For some reason the caching headers don’t pass tests, but Google PageSpeed Insights seems happy with them.

Will do just that, great! What would be the cases where I would not be able to use CloudFlare? I don’t see any issues actually. Thanks!

I’ve had good success with Cache Enabler. Super simple. Set it and forget it. Only real config is telling it which pages not to cache. I’ve installed it on about 20 Bedrock sites over the last two years without issue.

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I can’t really think of any reason not to use CloudFlare, unless the client is preventing it or if their website is too intertwined in some other DNS provider.

BTW… It’s funny that I suggested this today because CloudFlare just went down globally! I’ve never seen this before and it’s been down for about 10 minutes already, and that means that almost all of my client’s websites have been down too.

They better have a good explanation for this!

I saw, scripts from cdn were not reachable for me as well since they use CloudFlare it seems too! Woooah, that’s an interesting one. Will play with both Cache Enabler and Cloudflare and see how it goes, though Cloudflare by itself should be better, if this issue that happened is not something that will become a constant, which it shouldnt :slight_smile:

EDIT: just wanted to reach out and tell that I managed to use Cache Enabler plugin successfully. Later on I noticed that WP-Optimize has Cache from version 3 on as well and am using that since it’s Roots approved.

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