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Recommended Web Hosting for Roots 2021

Currently I am on Pantheon and not getting much love on getting my local Lando to look like the development server.† In the last month I have fallen for Sage. This feels like the right direction for WordPerss theme development. This got me looking into Bedrock and Trellis.

Now I like Pantheon, don’t get me wrong. I would prefer a hosted solution like it. Kinsta is a sponsor I noticed, what about WPEngine? Can someone share their experiences with those hosting platforms, and the ease of developing locally, and syncing remotely?

† Example: I just created a new blade partial, added new SCSS and it looks like the production build did not get everything right on Patheon’s dev server. Whomp whomp… Left is Pantheon, right is local Lando.

I have recommended Kinsta (:information_source: affiliate link) as the best managed WordPress host long before they were a Roots sponsor based on my experiences with hosting lots of sites with them

Kinsta is also one of the WP hosts that support Bedrock :smiley:

There’s been talk on the Roots Slack about how WP Engine has critical issues with Sage 10, so if you’re using Sage 10 that should be something to consider

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Thanks for your input. Did you say there is a Roots Slack? Is that open to the public? I would love to join.

I second Kinsta. Not because they support trellis as I recently replaced it with a modified sync script and bitbucket’s pipelines for deploying the theme on git push and it’s working like a charm.

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