Redirection Plugin Error with Acorn

I have a fresh install of Acorn set up as a standard Wordpress plugin. The directions are a little vague on this, but basically I downloaded the Acorn plugin, then dropped the folder into the plugins folder. Ran composer install and then activated the plugin. I use the plugin on all of my sites to manage redirects, but the setup process for that plugin is failing. During the setup it tests the there following URLs:

And for each one Acorn throws the following error:

The "" directory does not exist. in /app/www/wp-content/plugins/acorn/vendor/symfony/finder/Finder.php:592

I get this exact same error after activating Sage 10 as well.

Has anyone else run into this? I’m hoping it’s a quick fix so I can move ahead with Sage 10, which I’m very excited about.

This was simply an issue with downloading the right copy of Acorn. Since I need to use the Wordpress update functionality I can’t use Bedrock on this site. So I was going to try and use Acorn as a plugin. When you click the download link for the Acorn plugin file it takes you the latest Acorn release, which is 1.1.1. That’s not the version you want. Look at all of the releases and find the latest 2.* release and download the file. Unzip that, drop it into your plugins folder and activate the plugin. Huzzah, you’re good to go!


Glad that was an easy fix, and thank you for following up!