Registering custom block categories

Hey folks,

Maybe this is a more Bud related topic, but I am wondering where I can register custom block categories. I find the way to register/unregister block types via your example.plugin.tsx quite elegant. Is there an easy way to register custom block categories as well?

For example, in my example.block.tsx I have:

/* Block category */
export const category = `custom-category`

And my example.plugin.tsx:

/** Plugin render */
export const render = () => {
  useEffect(() => {
    // Unregister all blocks that aren't in the text or media categories
      .filter((block) => ![`cwicly`, `custom-category`, `widgets`].includes(block?.category))
      .map((block) =>
  }, []);

  return null;

WordPress registers block categories with PHP not JS, so it won’t be possible to do this through Bud. You’ll need to use a PHP filter.

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Hi @thunderdw

Thanks for your prompt reply. With Sage, I could use the filters.php in the app folder. What would be the equivalent in Radicle to register filters? The theme.php?

One way to do it would be to use a service provider to do it and then put the block categories into config. This package does that. It also registers post types/taxonomies, which Radicle already has built in, but you could just skip those fields and use the other features.


Awesome, that was easier than expected! Thanks, @thunderdw :slight_smile:

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