Relative module was not found (Flickity slider)


Flickity slider works fine, but I can’t import Flickity Fullscreen.

import Flickity from 'flickity';
import fullScreen from 'flickity-fullscreen';


This relative module was not found:
* ./flickity in ./node_modules/flickity-fullscreen/fullscreen.js

I have installed Full screen extension (yarn add flickity-fullscreen)
Any ideas how to fix this?

Hi @LehtinenRiku - I think it’s actually loading the fullscreen module just fine, but the fullscreen module can’t find the flickity module. You might want to check into how the fullscreen module is trying to detect flickity and what might be going wrong there.

It looks like it’s trying to load it using a couple of different methods at the top of this file:


v1.0.1 has been released by author and this is fixed!

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