Remote dev environment with Trellis

I’ve posted this a few times, then deleted, as I thought I’d fixed it - only to find I hadn’t.

I’m trying to set up a totally remote dev server, still using Trellis, as a replacement for my local machine.

I’ve tried a number of approaches - first duplicating the staging set up and server.yml as a dev server, then using the dev.yml with some modifications. The nearest I’ve got is using the dev.yml with a few tweaks - mainly removing mailpit, setting permissions, etc - which worked find until I added in sage, and until it started getting lost finding releases.

I’m trying to waste people’s time and ask questions until I’ve exhausted possibilities; I feel like it’s a lot easier than I’m making it out to be - I should be able to set up a DO server and run the dev env directly on it - but I also think I’ve ended up going blind to it a bit.

If anyone has any pointers, I’d really appreciate it.



Ok a little bit more on this; I think the issue I have, or at least the current one, is that when development is provisioned on the VM it uses the ‘current’ directory, however when I’m provisioning the server without the VM it’s using ‘site’. I can override that on the local set up using ‘current_path’, but that then seems to break deploys to staging.

Nearly there. Everything works until I add sage and use to sync databases, then on loading the site I get the following:

Error locating autoloader. Please run composer install.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

I seem to have it working, though I think it’s probably a bit of a botch job here and there.

Just for info:
I set up users, ssh keys, etc on the remote dev server, and changed the IP in hosts to the server IP.
Removed mailpit as not needed.
Added current_path: site to both sets of group_vars
Ran trellis provision development, worked fine.
Provision and deployment of staging worked.

Added Sage - fine on dev. Pushed to staging and got this error:

Error locating autoloader. Please run composer install.

Ran composer install in the appropriate place on the staging server and everything now ok.

Like I say, probably not the correct way of doing it, but it seems to work for now.

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