Remote Freelance Sage Developer Needed

We have a small business and are looking for a freelance Sage developer to work remotely on a per-site contract basis. I currently handle all of the designs and sage builds but would like to shift to focus on growing the actual business. Design would still be handled by me or another designer, and for each build designs would be provided as a PSD which utilizes a bootstrap grid along with all assets. I would handle all website launches, DNS records, hosting etc, literally just would need the initial build and revisions before launch. Ongoing maintenance work may be available if desired but not required.

Our sites are generally pretty straightforward marketing sites with <= 25 pages and we like to use Advanced Custom Fields so knowledge of that is a must. General SEO best practices should be followed as well. We still use the classic editor, but if you can prove that gutenberg is worth anything we would consider embracing it. If not, don’t worry, so far we aren’t impressed either.

Ultimately i’m looking for someone who can give me a 4-6 week turnaround on builds, can communicate relatively quickly (24-48 hours by slack, email, or phone on rare occasion), and is okay with inconsistent work until I can really get going on the business. I would also serve as project manager so no direct solo communication with client is necessary, and I’ve worked plenty in Sage and WordPress so I won’t set unrealistic expectations.

I’d love to hear about your experience, see any portfolio peices, and discuss what your rates would be!

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Hello Ryan,

I am interested, please get in touch to discuss further.

Best regards,
scott dot cisin 20 at gmail

Hi Ryan,

Sounds like an absolute match!
Working on Sage for a while and have launched plenty of projects.
Working with BS4 + PSD usually only with ACF with BEM, Blade and ES6.
If you’re interested let’s chat @

With kind regards,
Luuk van de Scheur
Also available on the Roots Slack

Hey there!
PM Sent :slight_smile:

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