Remove featured image from post content

I have a lil problem - can’t find where featured image is added to content of singe post: - I added my own featured image to tempaltes/content.php - but it have another one in content part - don’t knwo where to remove it?

Thanks in advance.

Can you specify the question a little bit? Did you assign (hardcode) a featured image to a template and then added another picture to the post, where you use the same featured image? Removing a featured image is not that hard, just go to edit the post and remove it!

Yes I hard coded my featured image in template

<div class="entry-featured"><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><?php the_post_thumbnail('featured');?></a></div>

I don’t knwo why part <?php the_content(); ?> - is adding it inside content once again - I dont want it there.

thanks again