Remove Sage from wordpress

Im not familiar with Sage theme and I am at the point when I have to remove Sage from website project I took over in order to continue.
How I can remove Sage from WP without causing any error?

I already build many pages on the website not using Sage, so basically only thing what I have to rebuild is header and footer. Rest of the website is not related to Sage.

Thank you for help!


The best way would be to just create a new theme. It sounds like you’ve basically already done that, so just move those files into a totally new theme folder, then switch to that theme in WP to test, and finally delete the Sage theme. There wouldn’t be a (proper) way to keep everything in the original theme folder but still remove Sage.

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So far, I created new pages with other platform (builder) I am familiar with jet still on original Sage theme and I am about to replace it with theme I can work with. I just want ot evoid some errors.
Thanks for help!

If you are aren’t relying on any of the Sage functionality, moving everything over to a new theme shouldn’t give you any errors and will let you make a clean break. That said, be sure that everything is under version control or, at the very least, backed up before you make any big changes in case something does go wrong.

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Thank you for help!!!

If you don’t mind my question, but why do you want to move away from sage?

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