Remove /wp from URL and use default URL structure instead?


I’m using Trellis & Bedrock with a WordPress plugin (AliDropship), they have a chrome extension that needs WordPress authorization and it don’t seems to like the /wp URL structure, I’ve contacted the plugin’s developers but supporting bedrock folder structure don’t seem to be their priority !

Is their any solution to set the URL or folder structure to the default WordPress one ? any recommandations/advices ?

Thank’s in advance

Is the problem in the WordPress plugin or the Chrome extension? I’m assuming it’s not using the rest API then?

For the moment the problem is coming from the chrome extension

I’d say your best bet would be to setup rewrite rules with nginx.

Hiding the /wp subdirectory is an older thread related to it, but it should still be the same.

The only other options would be:

  • If you’re the only person using the browser extension, modify /js/common.min.js in the extensions folder adding \/wp\/ in front of their calls to wp-admin and wp-login.
  • Don’t use Bedrock.
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Thank you very much the nginx rewrite rules + changing WP_SITEURL from to did the job

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