Removing Bedrock and go back to Vanilla WP - support

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have experience doing it? I am looking for someone who did it several times and can support me on this topic


  1. Copy plugins
  2. Copy theme
  3. Copy app/uploads to wp-content/uploads
  4. Configure wp-config.php
  5. Database replace app/uploads for wp-content/uploads

Thanks for the fast answer. Can you contact me to private message please ?

I think we should post messages publicly, as this is a community forum.
Otherwise the thread will be lost and if someone comes with the same problem they won’t be able to solve it …

What kind of theme do you have?
Is it Sage?
Which version?


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To add to this, you may need to also search replace database domain names, I know I haven’t ever had to do that when switching from staging sites to production to local and I attribute that to the magic that Bedrock does, so I don’t know what is in the database and you may need to search replace absolute URLs. On any large change like this where things could wind up missing I’d recommend monitoring 404s, I personally really like the Redirection plugin for that and setting up redirects when necessary.

Another thing to consider is plugin versions, because the versions are locked to what was in composer you may need to upgrade them through the admin. However that could also break things so you will want to do this with caution and consideration for that.

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Sure, I agree with you. But I just have one private questions besides that :slight_smile:
I will check versions and get back to you.

Ok then :heart_eyes:

Great, waiting for message then :slight_smile: