Removing the /wp subdirectory from admin in Bedrock?

My site is built on sage and bedrock and something has arisen recently with one of our plugin vendors who now require our admin to be served from https:///wp-admin/ rather than https:///wp/wp-admin/ - I’ve been researching if this is possible using mod_rewrite and found a few things, but nothing seems to work. My webserver is basically Apache (with LiteSpeed modules) - the examples I found were for nginx and maybe I just haven’t converted them correctly. Can anyone advise please?

Many thanks

Howdy! This isn’t something that we’d recommend or support doing.

If your plugin is requiring something like that, then they’re doing something incorrect by assuming a certain directory structure. You could send this over to the plugin author:

Thanks @ben - it’s weird because this particular plugin, to name and shame - Codisto Channel Cloud had been working just fine till recently, then one day stopped sync’ing with our product catalogue giving 404 errors. And when I queried them they claimed that it’s because it’s in a /wp subdirectory which makes me think that they are fobbing me off.