Replace MariaDB with MySQL


Looking for some advice on this, how could one swap out MariaDB for MySQL on Trellis effectively. Reason being, our sites are hosted on WPEngine, which is MySQL and while MariaDB is compatible, as a team we would like to keep our local RDBMS on the same versions.

I’m trying to step through the logic and understand Ansible.

So far I’m seeing the set up in trellis/roles/mariadb/* and within dev.yaml and server.yaml

Would one just have to change these out?


If anything. I see that MariaDB v10 is compatible with MySQL 5.7 and after a lot of research, that is the goal of Maria.

Can anyone shed light on this thinking? I’ve been in a MySQL bubble.

It’s a drop-in replacement and should be 100% compatible. No guarantees but WordPress is made for MySQL and it works completely correctly on Maria.

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Thanks for the reply @swalkinshaw

WP officially supports both. I can’t imagine breakages. I’ll run it by WPEngine for sure as well.

TIL about MariaDB

You might want to check out HGV It’s WP Engine’s “offical” vagrant box. It uses Ansible I I suspect you can, with minor tweaking, use it’s Ansible scripts as a guide to modify Trellis.

Further notes:

  1. HGV hasn’t gotten much love lately from WPE, otherwise I’d just recommend using it directly over Trellis.
  2. Personally, I don’t use HGV anymore (I far prefer Pressmatic and have abandoned HHVM in favor of PHP7… the primary impetus for HGV was HHVM for their Mercury product years ago).
  3. I thought WPE used Percona (another MySQL compatible DB fork like MariaDB), I certainly could be wrong here though.