Requirements on production server when using Bedrock and choosing how to deploy

I have a few Wordpress sites that I would like to use with Bedrock. While reading how to deploy with bedrock-capistrano and with Trellis, I was confused on which would be better for my situation, especially in regards to the production server. Just to be upfront, deployment with any automated software is unfamiliar and I am really interested in Bedrock.

It is a managed (by host) dedicated server running 2 wordpress sites. It has Linux (Debian Wheezy), Apache 2 with PHP-FPM, MySQL, and PHP 5.4. I can always request PHP version to be updated so that is not a big issue from what I read. Also, does the production server require PHP 5.5 or just the machine I am developing on?

I did see that you guys prefer nginx. I am not familiar with it but I wonder what kind of performance increase I would get for using that instead of Apache 2 with PHP-FPM. I would like to continue to use Apache since I am familiar with it. Would this be a problem?

I also noticed that you mention having sudo access. We currently do not have sudo access on our server. Our host prefers us not to have sudo access. Does this prevent us from using either deployment option with bedrock?

I also did not understand if the production server required Composer.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!

There’s really only 2 requirements to using Bedrock on a server:

  • PHP >= 5.5
  • Composer

Apache is perfectly fine to use if that’s what you have. The sudo mention was about your local machine for deploying so don’t worry about that for your server.

Thanks for the reply @swalkinshaw. I now have a question about deployment. I have no problem working in a linux environment and using the command line. However, not everyone in my team is. Is there any way to deploy without using the command line or is this something that is not built in and would require something like beanstalk?

Thanks in advance for the reply.

Correct, it’s not built in. Tools like Beanstalk or cover that.

Is it possible to run on PHP 5.4 and if so what features will not work? I seem to have an older version of bedrock, from when I was playing around with it, running on PHP 5.3. I am just curious since we currently use PHP 5.4.

Thanks in advance.