Respond JS best practices

Just curious how everyone else is using/loading respond.js in Roots.

  1. with a CDN?

  2. or, with version that gets downloaded in Roots via Bower?

I am currently loading the Respond.js script via MAXCDN. However, I was testing a site in IE8 and noticed it flashing the un-respond-ed site for a second, then the script kicks into gear and displays properly.

So, I was wondering if anyone else has an opinion on how to best handle using the script in Roots.

I go with #2

How much IE8 traffic are you getting? IE8 users are used to a shitty browsing experience anyway, so a little FOUC isnโ€™t really a big deal for them

Thanks for response Ben. They arenโ€™t getting much IE8 traffic and I really didnโ€™t put much thought into it until I met them at their office to review the site and they set up a projector with an old laptop using IE8. Haha, so I had to talk my way out of that one and tell them to use a different browser.

Thanks for all the hard work you and the rest of the crew do on Roots.