Respond.js: how to get it working?

Hi there:

I am using grunt and compiling using the grunt build command. But respond.js seems to be missing … I’m guessing that I’m missing an obvious step, but can’t find my way.

In previous versions of Roots, I modified the lib/scripts.php file to register and enqueue respond.js

wp_register_script('respond', get_template_directory_uri() . '/assets/js/vendor/respond.min.js', false, null, true);

With Roots 7.0, I’m not sure what to do? How do I get respond.js going?

Thank you!

The latest version of Roots includes Respond.js as a Bower package by default. If you successfully managed to get up and running with NPM and Grunt then it should be available without the need to enqueue it manually in scripts.php, however you will need to ensure Grunt compiles it into your JavaScript by adding the file to jsFileList here:

The file/string you need to add is'assets/vendor/respond/src/respond.js'

Thank you SO MUCH! Absolutely worked.