Restarting a stalled Sage 9.1.0 project - ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

I’ve been asked to restart a project that stalled a year ago and am getting an error of:

localhost didn’t send any data.

This is after updating browsersync and whatever else I could think of. I was initially getting the Chrome ‘site not safe window’ with NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID but now I’ve at least got it going beyond that screen. The problem is that nothing is loading and I’m not seeing any errors in the console etc.

The local site is running in Local by Flywheel (v7.0.1) and that loads fine (just without any of the fonts and images) on the .local URL.

Any pointers appreciated!

Chrome’s “Site not safe” message probably indicates that you were trying to load the https spelling of the URL without a valid certificate.

I recommend, at first, rolling back to whatever versions of Sage’s supporting libraries you started with when you revived this project, and confirm whether using http instead of https for your development URL (or issuing a valid certificate) helps.

Hi - thanks for the reply. Did try that when it first occurred and same issues. With HTTP it just said that "localhost didn’t send any data - ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE.

From there I figured it was either the certificate or browsersync.

Thinking that maybe I need to do a fresh install of 9.1.0 and transferring everything over - is that a logical process or am I asking for trouble…

What’s the best way of rolling back?

Ignore that - wasn’t thinking!

If you didn’t commit your changes to Git you can clone the project again, or reset your local copy to the remote.

Thanks. I already rolled it back via Git. Now I’m just getting a stalled browser - nothing happening, no errors, no warnings in the console or log etc. Nothing being generated other than images and the main CSS - log says that everything compiled successfully but not seeing any fonts or CSS background images etc on the .local version.

I updated OS13 (Ventura) about 6 months back and have been working with Sage 10 since. Could it be a permissions issue or some crazy Mac stuff?