Rolling the updated bedrock-ansible with Windows

I see that bedrock-ansible has been updated with the new deploy via ansible stuff, which I am very much looking forward to trying out to my DO vps’. I have a question though. In the past, you have sort of been able to get around running ansible in Windows by running it from the vagrant box. The instructions for this updated version of b-a state that as part of the install, you have to:

Run ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml to install external Ansible roles/packages.

I don’t know how you can get around this since the instructions seem to imply that you have to do this before running vagrant. If so, it seems like this tool will be useless on Windows, since Windows can’t run Ansible. Is this correct?

This has been merged into bedrock-ansible now. The ansible-galaxy command is run for Windows users after Ansible is installed in the VM. So Windows users actually have one less step :joy:

That is excellent news. Can I suggest that the be updated so that’s made clear? Maybe just a sidebar in parentheses that states (Windows users do not have to do this step, the provisioning will do it for you) or similar.