Roots/Acorn installation problem with Composer

Im trying to install Sage10 for a wordpress project but first i need to install acorn. Using the
composer require roots/acorn but i get the errors:

  • Root composer.json requires roots/acorn 1.1 → satisfiable by roots/acorn[v1.1.0].
  • roots/acorn v1.1.0 requires roots/support dev-master → found roots/support[dev-master] but it does not match your minimum-stability.
    I am new to Sage10 and i need it for my wordpress project and i’ve been trying to figure this out all day. Any help?

Can you let us know what you’ve tried out so far?

What version of PHP are you using? Maybe your PHP CLI is outdated? php -v

I thought i needed to install Acorn and Sage10 fisrt but it turns out they come with the project when cloning with git, so i don’t have the problem now. Thank you anyway.