Roots bedrock update version

can someone please tell me how I update bedrock? If I copy the newest release files into my project then some project specific files will be overwritten. is there any way of avoiding this?thanks

Do you run ‘composer install’ when you first install Bedrock?
There should be a ‘composer.json’ file in the root of your project, this is where you can change the version numbers (ie change WordPress from 4.3.1 to 4.4).

Once you’ve saved the file, just run ‘composer update’ and it will bring in the latest version of everything.

There’s a page with some more info here:

Bedrock is essentially just a Composer file with some PHP scaffolding, you probably won’t need to update it very often. If you do, you’re better off overwriting the individual file which was changed, or copying the individual line if you’ve made your own changes to the file.