Roots Bedrock Updates - Deprecations

Hi, I am trying to update Roots Bedrock to the latest WP Version 6.4.3.

When doing so, however, I keep on getting deprecation notices such as:

**Deprecated** : Function get_page_by_title is deprecated since version 6.2.0! Use WP_Query instead. in **/bedrock/web/wp/wp-includes/functions.php** on line **6031**

I am quite new to this, and I tried updating all I could, but it seems that these deprecation warnings will not go away, even though on the official releases page it says that WordPress 6.4.3 is supported. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

It seems like this is not related to Bedrock, but to one or more legacy calls to get_page_by_title(). Search your codebase (plugins & theme) for this string, and replace it with a WP_Query to search for the page by title. See get_page_by_title() – Function |

Isn’t web/wp/wp-include/functions.php part of Bedrock or WordPress Version? All my theme files are updated.

That is part of WordPress. The line 6031 that you are referring to is the line that is triggering that deprecation notice. If you can’t find ‘get_page_by_title’ in your theme, try searching in your plugins & mu-plugins directory