Roots calling jquery that doesn't exist

So here’s a weird problem. I just jumped into helping fix a site built with Roots and the issue is the jquery call in the header is calling a page that doesn’t exist.
The full url its calling is “” but the stuff after the .js is making it go to a 404 page…

Any idea how to stop that?
Is it a cache thing? Or can I tell it not to call a version?


I uncommented "add_theme_support(‘jquery-cdn’); " and now its working. I’m assuming it was commented out for some reason, but everything seems to work so far…

Now its loading: “//

What version of Roots? What version of WordPress? Are you using Soil? If so, what version?

Hey Ben.
So I just updated to Wordpress 4.5 and it looks like what jQuery version (1.12.3) it feeds the register_jquery() function in Soil (3.6.0) isn’t resolving. comes up with a 404, whereas the previous version of WP had soil fetching this:

Any ideas? Perhaps Soil needs an update?

This was changed in Soil 3.7.0:

Missed that release! Thanks. That did it.