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Roots Community Slack Channel question

Are there guidelines for what kind of questions can be asked on the Roots Community Slack channel? Or can the discussion only be about Sage?

Long time lurker here. Started using roots back when the theme was called roots. Still have some projects on it that run rock solid. I have fallen away from Sage a bit, but still fire the theme up and lurk your code. I like your newsletters and checkout all the plugins you suggest. I lurk your discourse and checkout most the plugins and services linked. From less to sass, from grunt to gulp, to virtual environments and npm it’s been educational. Thanks!

In short, you guys have put together a very technically astute community. Thus, for your community slack I am just wondering what kind of questions can be asked. I am always interested in what is the latest, greatest and what to check out. Or what suggestions on “the best” way to solve a problem. Or what other people are doing etc.

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Besides the Code of Conduct recently introduced, the only real guideline right now is that the Slack isn’t to be used as a Roots Discourse replacement for support

This is exactly what we’re aiming for :slight_smile:

whats the slack channel for roots? i can’t find the info anywhere… :confused:

It’s only available to those providing donations to the project

Roots Slack access

i’m already patron but they gave me not even an email or anything… clueless about how it works

You should’ve seen the link when you signed up — sorry about that! Shooting you a DM with it now.