Roots config/setup


Just wondering if it’s worth having a general conversation around simplifying the steps/config required to get a fresh install of the full Roots stack happening.

Every new wordpress project I create is built with the full Roots stack, and no matter how many projects I setup, I always seem to miss some crucial config step. Especially with the remote staging + production env stuff.

Would be great if we could make some sort of yeoman style generator, that simply asked you for your production + staging + local paths, generated some DB passwords, and then built out the trellis configs to match.


I’m on a Mac and use Alfred. I was able to script all of this through that when I was still building on Roots Stack. In the end I felt like there was too much configuration to push up small sites, and have chosen a different route. Next time that I’m on a bigger project that could benefit, I’ll try again.

Either way, the variables needed to edit have the same format every time so writing a script should be easy enough to accomplish. Took me lots of trial and error, but it got there.

@reverbsoul that sounds cool. having something that works cross platform would be ideal for working in teams.

there must be a DRY’er way of setting up a fresh Trellis

I’ve been working on a git repo that leverages subtrees (inspired by this post) and have thought about some customizations to the Trellis playbook to streamline things a bit further, but I’m curious what the biggest pain points are that you want to address.


probably a pipe dream, but some cmd line workflow like this is what im picturing.

roots install

enter local url: dev.development

enter staging IP (or skip):
enter staging canonical (or skip):
enter staging canonical (or skip):

enter production IP (or skip):
enter production canonical (or skip):

use https?:yes

and so on…

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Did anyone got a nice workflow for this?