Roots demos for your clients/customers

Given the rise of theme marketplaces, I’ve seen a fair number of potential clients interested in $20 themes that lack any sense of sound development practices.

Of course, it’s not difficult to sway good clients away from this approach, but I found the need to offer a small demo of Roots/Bootstrap functionality, so that potential clients can see a comparable theme built on Roots.

Here’s what I have so far:
(note the “Swatches” dropdown at the top right, which uses themes from Bootswatch)

Although it’s worked well for me so far, my demo lacks a robust collection of templates/pages that you might otherwise see in some of the top-selling themes (e.g. and the like).

So, before I build this out any further, I wanted to see if anyone in the Roots community is interested in contributing to the development of a Roots fork (either based on my demo above or perhaps you have something better in the works) that can be used to show off the functionality of Roots/Bootstrap and common vendor libraries, along with (most importantly) a more robust set of page templates.

If you’re interested in working on this, please let me know.

Also related: I think that at some point, @ben had ambitions to offer Roots-based themes for sale, but it seems that the link on has been removed, so I assume that’s no longer in the works?

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