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Roots Developer(s) needed - Any location / Any timezone - Itineris


We are looking for experienced Roots developers to join our team either as freelance or full time. We have work for both frontend and backend developers and have no preference on location or timezone.

If you are interested please send me your availability, current rate and any relevant examples.



Bedrock + Visual Testing within 10 lines of code

Bonus points to applicants:

If you include a few words criticizing/challenging our way of using roots stack and our code, you will get my blessing.

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I am a starter on this, not sure I would fit with your bill…:slight_smile:

  • Co-owner of a small agency. So time for me and team (UI & UX) are flexible for freelance or other contractual work.
  • Theme dev rate is $80/hr. Content management and other basic stuff $60/hr.
  • Sample site: