Roots Fanboy Wallpapers to say thanks!

I’ve wanting to do this one for a while now but haven’t got time.

I was a rookie Wordpress “implementer” which knew to create his own themes and could put some parts together and change them to what i wanted. That would get the job done for that level but because i am primarily a designer i even got some web design awards on festivals for couple of sites. I knew these sites were’t technically or codewise the best and there was a lot of things to improve. And as i’m the person that want’s to have control over things, how they should work etc. i started digging deeper and stumbled upon roots 6 i think. And that was it for me, no looking back on other things ever.

SInce then i started learning basics of php, created my own plugin, customized a lot of things, can do a lot of new eciting things with ACF, created around 10 websites mostly ecommerce ones and i’m about to start on my new portfolio site and saas which should be a league of their own as i’ll want to push the limits with these 2 as i want to get them close to perfection as possible in all field (design, content, performance,…) and Roots will help greatly with this.

I think the catalyst for my growth into development was the Roots team (and this amazing forum with all the people). All these things/tools and the amazing mentality fit me perfectly.

I’m still not there with my dev skills to be able to help up with adding commits to help and give something back but i’m on a good way and will try to make it happen. I did try and help here on the forum as much as i could but… well it still feels i could do more so…

… as a thank you i made some paper art wallpapers which i want to share with everyone. :slightly_smiling:

Thanks Roots team and forum, keep it up :+1:

Download Wallpapers


This is pretty awesome. Thanks @darjanpanic! :slightly_smiling:

Thank you @darjanpanic!