Roots - Gone Google!

Check it out - Just a basic deployment on Google Apps Engine. It’s pretty awesome…

NOTE: If the server hasn’t seen a visitor for a while it takes 5 secs to spin up because I set GAE to do this to help keep this example basically free

Other than that it’s very fast and butter smooth!

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Congrats! I’ve been curious about GAE

Thanks Kalen

I used this resource to get going:

Note: ALL you’re plugs, adjustments etc must done locally then deployed. GAE is totally locked down. You can write posts and turn plugs on and off as that all data driven. Let me know if you get stuck!

Shane have you used bedrock for this? I may have to be the guinea pig for deploying bedrock to GAE…

yeah I’m actually curious about this now. Does this mean that you need to have Wordpress and all plugins in your repository, or are you able to have GAE run Composer to update changes?

I might have to give it a try and see

You don’t have to do that. GAE gives you full control over your instances. It’s just up to you to do everything. But you could deploy to GAE with Capistrano (or any other tool) since it’s just SSH commands.