Roots HTML5 structure

Why does the base.php file use <div class="main <?php echo roots_main_class(); ?>" role="main"> as opposed to <main class="main"... ?

The width of the main grid needs to change when a sidebar is present. That function accounts for this.
In future, you may be best off looking at the code to determine why something is done, or dropping by #roots on freenode.

I was curious if you guys hang out in IRC somewhere. I don’t think it’s posted on anywhere. I could be wrong though

I think they meant why does roots use div instead of the element main. My guess as to why it isn’t used is that it is very recent. I don’t know enough about it to comment on browser support etc…

Thanks. I missed the element change entirely. I blame speed reading or beer.

I just noticed you guys changed this two days ago. Yay!

The HTML5Shiv support for the main element was only added with Modernizr 2.7, hence the delay.