experienced mentor needed

My name is Kostas, i am from Greece, 39 years old and around 1,5 years ago i decided to make a career change and to become a web developer.
I soon found out that this is a very difficult task to do it on your own…
Anyway, after hours and hours in Udemy courses, i am up to a point that i can created WordPress websites like my personal website: , which in the ‘projects’ section there are 2 websites i have created for clients also.
I would like a mentor to help me to become a better WordPress developer and the way seems like a good way to become better developer and create better themes, but… its very difficult for me to understand all those things here as there no more extensive videos or blog posts in the internet for this particular way of roots…
So anyone that would like to be my mentor and help me understand way and to help me become a better developer, please feel free to contact me,
thank you



These sage 9 video series might help you a bit.

There is also the sage book: Theme Development with Sage Book | Roots

It is no problem if any of these resources are to difficult to follow. You are just starting out. Try to get some more PHP and Javascript knowledge first.

I hope this helps :slight_smile: .

Ok Peter, thank you for your help!

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