Roots on shared hosting with just ftp access

I need a bootstrap-based starter theme and would like to use Roots. Unfortunately our client purchased a shared hosting package, and all we have is ftp access. For this client I don’t need any of the features Grunt provides except for the initial creation of stylesheets of course.

  1. Can I develop the theme on our server and then transfer the files to shared host (I’ve already attempted this unsuccessfully).
  2. Is there another method that would work better?
  3. Is there another WordPress theme that would be a better match for my requirements?

Ideally, Grunt is run locally while you are developing. You can run the grunt build process on the server if you are able, but it’s not a requirement. You can simply run grunt build locally and then copy the files over.


I ran grunt dev on our server because I didn’t want anything minified. Then I copied the theme to the shared host. When I switch WordPress to the roots theme, the page renders with an error and no styles. The error is: Warning: file_get_contents(/data/9/3/113/20/3765020/user/4184181/htdocs/wp-content/themes/roots/assets/manifest.json): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /data/9/3/113/20/3765020/user/4184181/htdocs/wp-content/themes/roots/lib/scripts.php on line 30

Then you would need to set your production environment to development as well.

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Thanks. That did it. I added define('WP_ENV', 'development'); to the wp-config.php and everything worked.