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Roots Radio Ep 10 – Calypso

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Guys and gals, have you heard about Calypso? I hope you have, and I hope you are interested in our thoughts on this project from and Automattic, cause if you have a listen to this episode… yer gonna get ’em! Subscribe on iTunes or via RSS Listen to Episode 10 Notes: Calypso Intro Calypso…


Calypso app is 126MB in size. In that common for JS app like that?

The OSX app? It probably is. It needs to bundle a lot of dependencies like Nodejs itself.

Yes that one :slight_smile: Makes sense now why it’s so big.

Hey guys,

Just a quick (very friendly!) note that the names of your podcasts are very incoherent when being downloaded off Soundcloud.

It’s no biggy for me as I just rename them, but all the other more established podcasts I download all have a standard naming convention. So I’m mainly bringing this up as THE ROOTS GUYS AREN’T USING A NAMING CONVENTION?

The downloaded mp3s names are like:
Roots Radio 008 5-5.mp3

I tell everyone to listen to your podcasts and (assuming they download them like me) a bit of order always helps (Like I really need to explain that here!)

Please ignore me if you don’t care though!


lol, I had no idea those filenames were retained by soundcloud – figured they used the slug we add to the track. We will try better in the future, thanks for letting us know!

lol, you’re totally right

We write all this consistent software but name the audio files every which way!

(╯°□°)╯︵  ┻━┻

It was really bugging us too once you pointed it out, so I’m going through all of them - fixing not only the names of the files but also filling in the ID3 tags for your music player as well as transcoding all of them so we can enjoy up to 5x smaller file sizes :wink:

Thanks again for bringing it up, and for listening. I should have it all done tonight.


Great stuff!

My favouritely named show was without doubt
"roots-ratio-004.mp3" (raTio)

I got excited thinking this was some geeky reference before I gave up finding the relation to dentistry and harmonic frequencies…

It’s good to know you’re going all out on the ID3 tags. Lots of other podcasts seem to have generic files names OR generic ID3 tags and not both of them filled out properly. Just makes a semi annoyance depending on what app I use to open up the mp3s.

Great stuff on the transcoding. I didn’t want to bring that one up that “But guys, the changelog is only 30 mb!” - at the very least it’ll save you guys hosting charges along with saving me a fair few pennies on 3G charges!

I wasn’t sure if Austin was doing a diva and demanding the highest quality audio for when he listens back to his own voice :smile:

Thanks again!



pm me for FLAC recordings of my voice


They’re so smooth…

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There are no sacred cows. I like hearing where you disagree with WordPress and think it could be better. I am still listening to this episode now.

I wonder if pressure from more modern solutions like Squarespace is pushing Automattic toward JS and other tech. How wide will the software difference between .com and .org get? Will we see a new open source CMS someday from Automattic with a JS based admin panel based on Calypso?

This podcast seems to have a lot more relevance once again with some of the issues surrounding the REST API plugin being added to core:

I find it pretty ridiculous that Matt Mullenweg is trying to say that the REST API should cover every single thing in the admin panel before adding to core, or else it’s half assing it, basically. After hundreds if not thousands of hours of work that’s gone into the REST API plugin, that’s a bit of an insult to all the developers and contributors.

It’s easy for him to say since he has been funding another version, essentially, which is the API included with Jetpack and Calypso.

Meanwhile, while he is basically putting his foot down and saying “work harder, do more” to the REST API team, even saying they need more help :rage: , he happily allows small parts of the Customizer to go straight into core with what seems like little to no testing in plugin form, it’s like straight to core and users can beta test it.

The double standards in the WP Foundation are getting more and more visible