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Roots Radio Ep 9 – Roundtable

We're back with some of the Roots team members with some follow up on previous episodes, questions from Discourse, and some news on what's going on around Roots.

No guests or big topics today, just a chance to catch up and share some news. Hope you enjoy it, and please keep the questions coming for us in Discourse – Thanks!

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Dang it! The Roots CLI announcement is totally great news, but I’ve been building out a Yeoman generator that does a lot of stuff necessary to setup Sage (and eventually Trellis) that I was hoping to share with the project. Good stuff though, guys. Glad that you’re continuing to make this project more awesome.


You should still share it dude! And contribute to the API too!

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Okay, maybe I still will. I’d just want to avoid redundancy and dividing efforts between two tools that would essentially do the same thing.

Great show guys.

To any front end devs that are new here/to command line or struggling with any of this: Push through!

I started out as a designer and weak front end dev ~15 years ago :slight_smile:
Along the way I’ve gone from notepad to dreamweaver, dreamweaver to Filezilla and coda, then sublimetext, then atom and command line, and ditched tons of other programs/processes.
I can attest, moving into the command line is jarring for a front end developer. However, it’s just one of those natural progression moves on the path to becoming a better developer. Once it clicks it just opens up worlds to you, and you’ll not be looking back.


Little behind on these podcasts. I feel all bad now when you started talking about the “good old days” as I recently mentioned I sometimes missed Sage 6.5.2 “at times.” I didn’t really meant it! Just like you guys sometimes bash Wordpress : ) .


Oh wait, I didn’t mean to insinuate there are bugs in Sage like you guys talked about in WP. You know what I mean. lol.


Did I hear right that Austin said “willy nilly”? I’ve heard that English from the Southern USA is the closest fork to old British English but when I heard that I had flashbacks of my Mum or maybe Grandma saying that when I was a child.

I don’t think I’ve heard that phrase in about 15 years. I had to rewind the podcast and everything.

I’m going to start applying for my H1B visa ASAP as I can see that living in Texas is my destiny!