Roots Radio Ep4 – Roundtable

We're back with the core team to talk about recent dev news, WordPress updates, and what's going on around Roots.

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Just checking in to say I enjoyed your round table. It was actually the first episode I have listened to, but will go back and listen to the others. Thanks for the conversation. I actually liked the time about reinforcing parity and why you minify during development, which is something I have been playing with not doing. Something I may rethink or put a process in place to make sure I check it all before going to production.


Roots making good times and even better ones are coming as it seems. Good podcast! Thanks guys.

Just posting to say these podcasts are great. Have really enjoyed listening to these and have listened to each one (while sat on long distance buses so thanks for allowing them to be downloaded!)

As is typical with Roots generally pushing me into doing new things, I’ve now started religiously listening to podcasts - starting with The Changelog as you guys were first on!

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