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Roots Radio Ep5 – Sage

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Join us for the latest episode all about Sage! We dig into a bit of the Sage philosophy, what we are doing right now with Sage, our own theming process (with some tips & tricks), and answer some listener questions! Subscribe on iTunes or via RSS Listen to Episode 5 Notes: DRY Intro to the…


Hi guys,

Another great podcast; thanks for doing these.

Just a quick question, you mentioned something at 24:15 about an ACF snippet in the ‘general’ chat.

2 things: can you post a link to this ACF snippet please? It sounds interesting.

Also, what is the general chat? Is it a private channel inside Slack or something, or is it a public chatroom that I don’t know about :smile:

Thanks again!

Nice one again, here’s a nice acf addon collection i want to share:

Reusable field group is a nice one, so you can create “partials” for your flexible fields/modules and reuse them, update on 1 place and all get updates. A bit tricky with the templates though.

Someone mentioned an ACF plugin for Roots if i got that right. Would like to help with that one if it ever starts :slight_smile:

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@QWp6t shared the code here:

And the general chat I mentioned is on our private Slack :blush:

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