Roots Radio – Episode 1

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We’re back again for another episode of Roots Radio! In this episode we take a deeper look at Trellis (check out the intro in Ep0 if you missed that), talk a bit the rebrand, the ups/downs of maintaining open source, answer some questions from the community about working the project into your process, and a…


Nice Podcast ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Nice one! thanks for this :smile:

Is there anywhere we can download it from?

The previous podcast on Soundcloud has the download link but this one doesn’t -

Not sure if this is a Soundcloud restriction or a choice but shame as I really enjoyed the first one! It actually inspired me to start listening to loads of web podcasts (much as the Roots project has inspired me generally)

Hey, sorry about that – looks like we have to check a box in the settings for each episode to enable that. Got it turned on for that episode and will try and make sure we don’t miss it again in the future!

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Finally got around to listening to this episode, great stuff, thank you everyone!