Roots/sage .less Files compiling error

Hey there :wink:

great software by the way.

I’m just wondering if sage works with .less files instead of .scss out of the box?

I tried a lot but always get compiler errors, also tried to modify the webpack.config with no luck. Maybe I missed something…

Would appreciate if someone can help me out with that or just say, not, sage only works with .scss, so I can stop researching :wink:

Thanks in advance

BR Michael

Sage 9 does not work with .less files out of the box.

Hi alwaysblank thanks for your answer… Ok. I think I just have to tweak a bit the Webpack config stuff to include less compiling.

I did a whole configuration manually for another project (not sage), maybe I could merge some stuff… :wink:

BR Michael

ok got it compiling. Just added additional rules for less files.

thx again. :wink:

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