Roots Share appears twice with Attachments Plugin

So I’ve been using Jonathan Christopher’s Attachments Plugin for a while now for some clients. When I enable the roots share buttons plugin, I end up seeing the buttons twice, once at the end of the_content, and again after the Attachments list.

It is easy enough to get the second appearance to be hidden with css, but something else it going on here. I assume that it has to do with the way Attachments filters the_content(), or perhaps something about how the loop is working on my templates.

Got my test environment setup with the Attachments plugin and I added an attachment to the post. Then I added the example code from the plugin page to single.php

Unable to reproduce the issue that you’re seeing

Ben thanks so much for your time. It is absolutely to do with my loop and the way it is constructed. For the sake of simplicity I’m just disabling it in my template. Im sorry for orphaning this conversation, I didn’t see an email that you’d replied.