Roots-share-buttons easier template override suggestion

I just purchased Roots-Share-Buttons and damn, nice work guys. Most share button plugins are a nightmare and yours is a dream. Thank you for such a great tool.

I noticed that you offer an override of the included template and I wanted to offer a suggestion for an easier method of doing this that I’ve used in some of my work:

Gamajo Template Loader lets you specify your views in your plugin and lets the user override the template just by placing a template file in the right directory in their theme, the way WooCommerce and others do.

Their installation instructions explain the whole thing better than I ever could. Of particular note is set_template_data() which lets you pass data to the template.

Anyway, I thought this might be a nice way to drop in a template system with easy overrides that work in a predictable (the same as other plugins) way. No need for an action; it just works. I would be happy to submit a Pull Request if there was a repo somewhere.

Thanks again for the great tools!

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Great suggestion! Feature updates to that plugin are pretty low priority right now, so if you did want to submit a PR I could add you to the repo. That would be very much appreciated, especially considering it’s a premium plugin.

I would be happy to make the PR. My GitHub account is here:

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