Roots Starter Theme no Style!

I’m using Macbook Pro and MAMP… I have followed everything here:

But when I navigate to my theme which is installed in my localhost. I got a theme with no style.
Please see screenshot:

CloudApp — Not Found

I have few questions also:

  1. Install grunt-cli globally with npm install -g grunt-cli ( when it saids ‘globally’ where should I install grunt-cli? In my terminal “~” directory? )

I hope someone can help as I need to finish some client’s project using this starter theme by ROOTS.
Thanks and have a great day!

Please read through the README too.

NPM installs globally whenever you use the -g switch, so you need not worry about the location. Just use sudo if you don’t have the requisite privileges.

When NPM had installed everything you will need to double check bower has installed dependencies and then run you grunt command of choice (again look in the README).

When I already run npm install -g grunt-cli in terminal, do I need to run it again in the next project I will develop?

I just reinstalled roots, still getting a theme with no styles! :frowning:
When I run this command in my theme directory sudo npm install

I get an error. Please see screenshot:

Please stop telling to read README, I followed everything there and still getting this error.
I hope someone could help me with this. Thanks in advance!

Never mind… I got it from working! :smile:

How did you figure out it to work for you?

This is a well documented and well discussed issue. Please read the docs and search.