Roots Sync Script, Way to Specify What Gets Synced?

Hey there,

Bought the sync script (, but I’m concerned as the project I’m working on enters production and user and content data changes, I risk overwriting this data while I develop other areas of the project. Any way to contend with this?

Apologies in advance if I’m overlooking something obvious here.



If you’re talking about “syncing” only certain parts of your database (i.e. “Push up only these posts”) I don’t believe this script does that (in fact that sort of behavior is a Hard WordPress Problem that I have yet to see a good solution to).

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Thanks @alwaysblank,

I am guessing I’ll have to find another solution. Thank you!


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What @alwaysblank said is accurate. IMO, it’s biggest advantage is being able to sync down production to dev or sync production to staging. Syncing up to production is encouraged to only be done once, or if you’re aware of the consequences that could happen. Please let me know if you’d like a refund if the sync script doesn’t fit your needs!


Thanks Ben! No refund necessary, the script is still proving valuable.

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