Roots without grunt

Hi All,

I know this is probably anti-workflow, but have a valid use case for this.

Basically, i want to use roots as a starter theme to develop with. I love the grunt workflow, but I typically handoff to a client, and they should be able to make modifications after i’ve completed my work.

Typically, these clients are neophytes in terms of modern development, using antiquated development practices like ftp, standard css, and don’t care about minification.

Can anyone describe for me how I can setup my workflow to use standard css without less, and unminified js, without using grunt to compile?

That would be a great help.

Thanks in advance for any and all answers!


there is a branch of roots without grunt: you can just edit app.css directly and it should work.

Alternative option based on latest Roots:

Edit Gruntfile.js to do the normal Grunt stuff to produce a single CSS and JS file but turn off compression/uglifier. Now just commit those files and remove the Grunt files if you want and hand it off to your client.

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Thanks for the updates guys. It looks like classic hasn’t been updated for 8 months. The gruntfile solution would work, but it would also dump everything into 1 file per lang, which could be a nightmare issue for maintenance. Not sure this is a tenable solution for future projects.

There would still be a little work to do, but for the Bootstrap CSS and js you could use the Bootstrap CDN ( and then have your own CSS file for customization.

Actually, i implemented this already (swalkinshaw directions), and it works well. Thanks all!