Roots wrapper use with sub pages

First off, let me say that Roots is the best and easiest WordPress framework that I’ve tried over the years, and believe me I’ve tired many. I already have deployed several Roots based sites and will continue to use it for the foreseeable future.

But I’ve finally run in to an issue that I can’t easily resolve without a little bit of research here.

I have a client who basically needs to have a front-end style and a member area style that are entirely different. For example all of the public pages are very graphic specific and not related at all to the style that he want’s the member area to be be ( a more traditional Bootstrap style ).

I’ve already built a few custom page templates, but see where this would be an issue if the customer decides to add more front end pages in the future. With this approach each page would require it’s own custom page, obviously not a long term solution.

Despite my research I can’t find a solution or am simply misunderstanding the template and wrapper concept. Is there any way to have top level pages serve one template and second level/sub pages server a different template?

For example:

  • Home
  • About
  • Contact

Would all serve a front-end template, while:

  • Member/blog
  • Member/news
  • Member/groups

Would all serve the Roots standard page templates.

What’s wrong with using the default page template and creating a Member Page Template?

@cfx, I think you just pointed out a ‘duh’ moment on my part.