Run bud dev with a different proxy on command line


I use bud with Sage 10 on my WordPress multisite stack. I want to use bud dev while working on the theme, but I have to manually edit the config for switch between my main site and my second site.

My initial bud.config.js is like this:


I have a second website at the url If I want to dev on this second site, I have to edit my bud config to:


Is there a way to edit the proxy parameter on the command to change the proxy parameter without editing the bud config? I tried this:

bud dev --proxy

but it doesn’t work.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Auraylien,

Seems like --proxy should work, but isn’t working for me either. I can’t see any reference to the --proxy arg in the documentation though - perhaps it’s not an official feature yet.

You can make it work by using the following syntax in your bud.config.js:

.proxy(app.context.args?.proxy ?? 'https://fallback-url-when-no-arg-present')

Then just bud dev --proxy https://your-proxy-url


Hi @talss89

Thanks for your answer, it works as expected! :grinning:

Have a nice day!

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