Running Ansible from WLS on Windows 10

Now that Ansible runs smoothly on WLS on Windows 10, maybe it should be mentioned in the documentation as an alternative for Windows 10 users for the Remote Server Setup.

I have played a lot with Ansible on WLS and I haven’t got a single issue so far running Ansible playbooks from that environment.
It can be used also to instantiate the dev machine because Ansible is now able to use the Virtualbox installed on Windows. However, it seems that file permissions are still an issue in that case, so I wouldn’t recommend it for the time being. I use it locally to test the playbooks I use to build the server instances and it runs just fine.
For the dev machine I still use Vagrant on Windows and ansible-local.

For the Remote Server Setup it might be enough to mention that it can be used and basically the rest of the information remains the same, because you are de-facto in a Linux environment.
I am proposing to add it to the docs here just because many Windows users might be not aware of this yet.