Running mautic open source email marketing with/on Trellis VPS

I’d like to use mautic open source marketing automation tool.

I have already set up my Bedrock/Trellis/Cloudflare Full SSL (Strict) WordPress site.

Mautic can be installed using Softaculous/CPanel etc, but the best way to install it is manually on a LAMP/LEMP VPS like a Digital Ocean droplet.

There are numerous tutorials like this one describing the LEMP/mautic install procedure:

The mautic LEMP configuration looks fairly basic compared to a Trellis setup… Maybe it’s overkill, but can I use Trellis/Cloudflare to configure a VPS for a (LEMP SSL) mautic installation?

So, is anyone:

  1. using mautic on a WordPress Bedrock/Trellis VPS?
  2. using Trellis to configure a separate VPS to install mautic on it?


There are a few ansible galaxy roles for it ( so you could try adding one of those to Trellis and see what happens. I’ll be following this as I need to up my marketing game! Please post back :slight_smile:

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