Sage 10 and The Events Calendar plugin

I’m building a WP site (theme) using Sage 10. I’ve scoured high and low, but can’t seem to figure out how to get The Events Calendar plugin working inside of the Sage 10 environment. The issue seems to be related to the view/template files.

I’m getting errors like these:

InvalidArgumentException: View [...\wp-content\plugins\the-events-calendar\src\views\v2\default-template] not found.

I tried another calendar plugin, and it more or less gave the same error (View [...] not found). The PHP files definitely exist within the plugin folders, so I’m not sure how to continue debugging. Surely other folks have installed plugins like these on a WP site running a Sage 10 theme; I can’t be the only one running into this issue.

Let me know if more info is needed and I will be happy to provide. Thanks!

Have you seen this plugin?

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Yes I have; I’m using it currently.

It wasn’t working for me at first, but after a lot of digging, it seems like that plugin/package wasn’t developed with Windows in mind, and unfortunately my local dev environment is Windows. This causes some of the file path matching/replacing to fail as it’s expecting forward slashes instead of Windows’ backslashes.

I might try working with the developer behind that package to see if we can modify it to work in both Mac/Linux/Unix systems as well as Windows.

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