Sage 10 and TinyMCE style


I am using Sage 10.0.0-beta.2 and ACF Pro 5.11.3. All the content will be editable via fields from ACF in the website I am currently developing and the Wysiwyg widget uses TinyMCE - if I am correct.

Is it possible to inject text styles in this editor? Do I need to setup something in Sage 10 and use resources/styles/editor.css to bring all styling I want?

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Howdy! Sage 10 doesn’t have anything for TinyMCE out of the box, and the editor.css file is used for the block editor/Gutenberg

Here’s what we did in Sage 9 for classic editor visual styles:

You could do the same thing with Sage 10, but instead of asset_path you’d use Roots\bundle

Thanx! I will need to dig deeper this topic… if I have time before the deadline.

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