Sage 10 and WooCommerce


I am using Sage10 now for developing a webstore and I am wondering what do I need to do to get it to work with WC? Do I need to run just like with Sage 9?



Anyone?? I am new using Sage, so would like to know for sure if I could use the old sage-woocommerce on sage10.

Try to install it on sage 10 but it is not working :confused: There is no workaround? Will downgrade to sage 9 then

I don’t think there is any specific ways to use WooCommerce on Sage 10 at the moment, but apparently it’s meant to have better compatibility.

Check the current PR for Sage 10 for updates regarding this.

Have you tried without sage-woocommerce?

Yes, I have made a folder inside views, named woocommerce. Made the archive-product.blade.php file but nothing changed on the website.

I was using this Sage 10 setup because the Tailwind setup. The standard Sage 9 version is using an old version of Tailwind… I love this setup with the webpack.mix etc. So if there is anything like this available for Sage 9 I will make the switch…

But I prefer a workaround to be able to adjust the woocommerce templates in Sage 10 at this moment. I just started a new project and was happy to find out about Sage

I haven’t put much into it yet, but face a similar challenge with the Tribe Events Calendar templates in Sage 10.

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