Sage 10 Appeareance > Widgets does not work

Hey all. If I try to access Appeareance > Widgets I get the following error:

ErrorException thrown with message "wp_enqueue_script() was called <strong>incorrectly</strong>. "wp-editor" script should not be enqueued together with the new widgets editor (wp-edit-widgets or wp-customize-widgets). Please see <a href="">Debugging in WordPress</a> for more information. (This message was added in version 5.8.0.)"

#8 ErrorException in /srv/www/
#7 trigger_error in /srv/www/
#6 _doing_it_wrong in /srv/www/
#5 wp_check_widget_editor_deps in /srv/www/
#4 WP_Hook:apply_filters in /srv/www/
#3 WP_Hook:do_action in /srv/www/
#2 do_action in /srv/www/
#1 require_once in /srv/www/
#0 require in /srv/www/

I’ve looked up solutions to this, but nothing seems to work that doesn’t outright disable the Gutenberg editor for it. For example I tried these two:

  • This one didn’t have a effect

*This one produces a new error:

Illuminate\Contracts\Filesystem\FileNotFoundException thrown with message "Asset [/srv/www/] not found."

#6 Illuminate\Contracts\Filesystem\FileNotFoundException in /srv/www/
#5 Roots\Acorn\Assets\Asset\PhpAsset:load in /srv/www/
#4 App\{closure} in /srv/www/
#3 WP_Hook:apply_filters in /srv/www/
#2 WP_Hook:do_action in /srv/www/
#1 do_action in /srv/www/
#0 require in /srv/www/

so, i’m wondering if anyone has a solution. Thank you!

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